The Moody Girl's Guide to Getting Fit


After moving home from Los Angeles, I’ve been temporarily back in Sullivan County, NY, where the workout classes are not so shockingly sparse. Up in the southern and western Catskills, you may find yoga in people’s personal studios during the summer and in random community centers scattered throughout a 30 mi radius—not exactly ideal.

Luckily, all you really need is a computer + 2 and 3 lb weights. I got these cute, cheap ones from Target. I used to dismiss workout videos as being ineffective before I actually tried them. Workout videos are actually great and some of my friends and I have seen incredible results. Plus, these ones are F R E E.

This isn't the '80s, so I don't have to tell you how good exercise is for you. But, I will tell you it helps me anxiety tenfold. As it goes for everyone, some days are easier than others to motivate. Either way, you have to just do it! Or at least, I have I figured I'd share just in case you do, too.

For all my moody women/girls/select men/man-children (jk on the latter) who are looking for some time-efficient workouts, here are my top 5 favorite at-home videos to stream depending on my mood, energy level, and area I want to focus on. 

1. When you want to tone EVERY PART OF YOU and break a light sweat, but don’t feel like panting and schvitizing:

25-Minute Pilates Workout to Tone Your Abs, Butt, and Arms

This is my go-to when I’m feeling lazy, but want to wake up feeling fit the next morning. It only requires your body and a mat. Make a matcha or espresso beforehand and throw on music. This is the kind of workout that will be done before you know it. It also doesn’t linger long enough for you to have time to “get in your head.” I suggest my WERK BABY J workout playlist. Here, we have everything from Kanye to Marilyn Manson to Whitney Houston AND SO MUCH MORE.

2. When you’re IN IT TO WIN IT

Killer 30-Minute Cardio Boxing and Core Workout

There’s also a 45 minute one if you’re having a good day. This is a full-body, sweat-inducing workout and I also freaking love the instructor. Her name is Christa DiPaolo and she’s scrappy and upbeat in the LEAST-annoying-workout-teacher way. Let’s be real, there’s nothing more irritating than an exaggeratedly upbeat and hungry-looking woman who keeps commanding you to “tuck your seat” during excruciating moments of plank. This video has shrunk my waist and I can see the difference when I shelf this workout.

3. When you just need to DANCE IT OUT

30-Minute Kickboxing-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout

Aussie trainer Simone De La Rue’s method is espoused by celebs like Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Simone is very into saying the word “booty” and “ladies,” but if you can power through that modern-day workout guru speak, you’re good. This dance routine starts out easy and you may be like ‘am I even getting a workout?’ but 10 minutes in and you’re sweating. I find a mixture of Migos, Lorde, and Stevie Nicks gets me through this.

4. When you’re stretched for time but want to tone up arms and abs

Tracy Anderson’s 15 minute workout for Goop readers

Tracy Anderson is and will always be the holy grail of workout trainers. She’s practical and encouraging without being too cutesy. Tracy is Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to trainer—so you know if Gwyneth does it, it’s damn good. This workout is perfect for strengthening arms and abs. Round it out with a 20 minute walk and you’re golden.

5. When you just want to get your heart-rate up a little but also stretch

Power Yoga Break with Adrienne

Yoga is a savior. Cliche's aside, it really does make you feel better afterwards. The mind/body benefits are inimitable and you feel lithe af when you’re done. When I’m not in the mood to exert a ton of effort, but I want to calm down and move, this is my go-to. It’s quick and effective.